How-To Keep Salad Greens and Herbs Fresher Longer

Cooking Tip #1

Are you tired of going to the fridge to prepare a salad and find it wilted and with slimy leaves? Following these few steps will not only keep your salad greens and herbs crisp and ready for you, but will also add up to five days to their edible lives.

Clean. The best way to keep greens fresher longer is to start by cleaning them as soon as possible. Cut away and remove any bad leaves or stems before gently rinsing them of any noticeable debris.

Soak. Next soak the greens in a large bowl of clean water to loosen any dried on dirt. After about 10 minutes, take the greens out of the water and gently shake the excess water off before laying them on a clean kitchen towel.

Dry. The easiest and quickest way to dry greens is with a salad spinner. If you do not have a spinner, try placing a colander in a large bowl, add the greens and a lid and gently spin the excess water into the bowl. Greens can also be carefully rolled into a clean kitchen towel and given a light shake to release the excess water.

Careful not to bruise. Most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning greens is to not bruise them. That is to avoid squeezing them or folding the leaves, as this will cause the greens to brown and decay in these areas faster.

Storage. Store greens and herbs lightly wrapped in a paper towel, and placed loosely in a sealed container. The paper towel will absorb excess water from the greens preventing them from getting slimy. The paper towel should not be allowed to get wet though, only slightly dampened.

Written By: J. Marshall

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