Nutritional Healing Recipes (dot) com is a website created by Jessica Marshall that shares a personal selection of healthful recipes; as well health reference articles related to maintaining good health through good nutrition.

Recipes designed with your health in mind. The recipes shared aim to use fresh wholesome natural ingredients over store-bought products to guarantee all ingredients are healthy and beneficial. It is of personal preference and recommendation to also use organic and Non-GMO (Non Genetically Modified Organism) foods for the same reason.

In the Article Archive there are reference articles on: maintaining a well-balanced diet, the nutritional value of essential nutrients, nutrient-rich foods for an ultimate health boost and beneficial foods that can help in the healing of specific chronic diseases and illness.

In the Recipe Archive look through 100’s of my personal recipes that shares a large selection of vegetarian meal ideas.

About the author and creator of Nutritional Healing Recipes. Raised by gardeners and cooks only to become a gardener and a cook. Working as a cook and dietician since a young woman, I have learned to design recipes to meet the meal requirements and special needs of people. This has helped shape an extensive book of recipes.  At Nutritional Healing Recipes, I share some of these healthful recipes and health reference articles in hopes to help heal the world; one tasty meal at a time.

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Nutritional Healing Recipes Creator, Jessica Marshall

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