Fruit Salad with Creamy Orange Chia Seed Dressing

Fruit Salad



Mixed berries, melon, kiwi and mint leaves are combined in this delicious fruit salad and gently tossed in a tangy creamy chia seed dressing.


Fruit Salad with Creamy Orange Chia Seed Dressing

Ingredients                               Makes: 4 servings
1 cup strawberries, hulled and halved
1/2 cup blackberries
1/3 cup blueberries
2 kiwi fruit, peeled, sliced & halved
1 cup cantaloup, cubed 1” pieces
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, individually separated small leaves

1/3 orange juice
2 tsp lime juice
2 tbsp yogurt
2 tsp maple syrup
1 tbsp chia seeds

Prepare the fruit by cleaning, peeling and slicing or cubing. Clean some fresh mint leaves and separate the smaller leaves for the salad. Then put these prepared ingredients together in a bowl.

In a medium-sized bowl whisk together the dressing ingredients; which include orange juice, lime juice, yogurt and maple syrup. Whisk until ingredients are smooth and milky, then add the chia seeds and mix to combine. Allow chia seeds to soften for a few minutes.

Add the fruit mixture to the bowl with the prepared salad dressing and gently toss to coat.

The salad can be served immediately or stored in the fridge for later use.

Recipe shared by: J. Marshall

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